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A laser measurement tool for artists… source Recoding title A new laser measuring guide for artists article An art supply company is offering laser measuring guides for artists, with the first batch of new laser tools being shipped to customers in less than a week.

The laser measuring products, made by LaserMeasuring, are designed for artists to measure objects using laser light, rather than using a traditional ruler.

The products are priced at $249, which is roughly the price of a pair of laser measuring scales.

The new products are part of a new line of products that LaserMeating hopes to sell over the next year.

It has been working with a small but growing group of artists to create new art tools for them to use.

The company is targeting the market for a few specific applications.

LaserMeaging says the products can be used to measure the thickness of surfaces in a piece of paper, to measure surface area, to determine whether the surface is a flat surface or curved, and to determine if a piece is flat or curved.

“We’re trying to make this as accessible as possible,” said company co-founder Michael Leibowitz.

“We’re also making it as safe as possible.”

LaserMeating has a variety of products in its portfolio, including laser measuring machines and a measuring tool for a tool to measure your car.

It also makes laser measuring equipment for industrial and professional customers.

Laser Meating also makes a product called the Laser Measuring Pen, which can measure surface areas from 3 feet (1 meter) up to 3,000 feet (9.8 kilometers).

The pen is available at and for $99.99.

The companies are not the first to make a line of laser tools.

The laser measuring company LaserMearing made its mark with its laser measuring pens, which sold for about $300 apiece.

Laserscan has a similar product, the LaserMeeting Laser.

It sells for $250 and has been in the works for some time.

“Lasermeasuring pens are just really great tools to use for artists,” said Lila Leibowitz, LaserMeasing’s director of marketing.

“I think that’s something you can do with any kind of tool, just do your own calculations and see what the best way to use it is.”

LasersCan also makes an inexpensive laser measuring pad called the L-Scope.

It costs $49.95 and is available in white, green, and black.

“It’s not that you have to be an expert,” Leibowsky said.

“But just having some basic tools that you can use for any kind or type of art work can really be a great way to get started.”

Lens and laserMeating both are based in the Seattle area.

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