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from Google News article Google has revealed that its data-mining and analytics arm, Google Cloud Platform, will soon be adding a “big data” tool to its suite of tools.

Amazon has been working on a similar initiative called AWS Analytics for some time now.

Amazon’s new tools will be able to look at the top 5,000 products in your search history, for example, and provide you with detailed analytics on which of them have the highest sales.

Amazon also said that it will soon start using its new data-driven product to help customers understand their purchasing patterns.

In an interview with The Verge, Jeff Bezos, the company’s CEO, also said Amazon will soon launch a “cloud-based” version of its Cloud Machine Learning platform.

It will be called Cloud Machine Intelligence and will be powered by Amazon’s Data Analytics Platform (DAP).

“It’s going to be a really powerful piece of cloud technology,” Bezos said.

“It has the potential to be the next great thing for business analytics.”

Bezos told The Verge that Amazon’s goal is to have its products available to everyone on the planet by 2021.

Amazon is building its machine learning platform around three key pillars: big data, machine learning, and machine learning analytics.

The company has been building a platform that can help companies improve their products in areas like cloud analytics, security, and product design.

The AWS Cloud Machine learning platform will use machine learning techniques to help businesses predict how many customers are likely to use a particular product, how many are likely likely to return a particular offer, and how many new customers may be entering the market.

Amazon said that this data-based predictive platform will help Amazon build out its products faster and more efficiently, but it will also help businesses “solve business problems faster, and more accurately.”

The platform will also have some of the same data-collection tools that Google’s ElasticSearch platform already has.

Amazon recently announced that it had acquired ElasticSearch for $250 million, which makes it the largest acquisition by a technology company in history.

Bezos is also bullish on the future prospects of machine learning and artificial intelligence, predicting that this technology will make the world a much better place.

“Machine learning will become the backbone of everything,” Bezos told the Verge.

“You’ll see this in all of the data analytics and machine intelligence tools.”

This sounds promising, but I think that Amazon is a little too optimistic about the prospects of the technology.

The cloud computing space is still relatively young, and I’m not sure that Amazon has the resources or the know-how to take on big-data analytics companies like Google and Facebook, which have already taken on a lot of the work.

Amazon already dominates the cloud computing market in terms of volume and size, but these companies will have a much harder time competing with Amazon.

Bezos said that Amazon will start using machine learning in Amazon products within the next year, which could make it a big competitor to Microsoft, Microsoft’s rival in the cloud.

Amazon announced a few other projects during the interview with the Verge, including a new platform called Big Data Analytics, which will allow customers to analyze their data for more than just sales data.

“We’re really excited about this,” Bezos added.

“The idea that we’ll be able see how much people spend on products we don’t sell, how much we pay for products we do sell, what’s the cost of a product, we can see these things.”

Bezos also told The Guardian that Amazon would soon start selling products that have predictive analytics built into them.

Amazon will eventually sell its products directly to customers through Amazon’s website.

Bezos will be the company to build these products.

I expect Amazon to have the data that it needs to build predictive tools for the rest of us, but Amazon will also need the data to build products that can be tailored to a specific customer.

Bezos told Business Insider that Amazon wants to make its products more personalized, with the hope that these tools will help it make those products more useful to its customers.

For example, the product could be designed to be more useful for customers who buy the same product on multiple occasions, but also be more helpful for customers that have different preferences.

Bezos added that Amazon plans to launch new products every three to five years, with one new product every four years.

Amazon plans on using predictive analytics to better understand how people are buying its products.

It’s important to note that predictive analytics isn’t a new concept, but Bezos is the first to point to Amazon’s role in the development of this technology.

Amazon pioneered the field of predictive analytics in 2014 with its Elasticsearch.

At that time, Amazon was also using machine intelligence to help make its own products better.

As we’ve seen in the past year, Amazon has also developed its own cloud computing platform.

The fact that Amazon already has so much experience with this technology shows that it has plenty of data-management tools to offer its customers, which should make it

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