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By Emily K. WilliamsWhen you think about it, there are probably three big factors that affect your insurance rates: Your household income, your household size, and your coverage status.

But as insurance experts argue in court documents, there’s one thing that’s far more important than those three factors, and that’s your home’s physical location.

As a result, home insurance companies can use a number of different factors to assess your risk to your home.

If you live in a state that allows for home inspections, for example, you may not be considered a high risk for any of the factors listed above.

In that case, you’re not guaranteed that you’re a low risk.

If your home is located in an urban area, the city may not have as much of a need for home insurance.

In this case, the only thing you need to do to insure yourself is to keep your home in a safe, stable location.

In a rural area, homeowners in that area may be less likely to be high risk.

That’s because most rural areas are less likely than urban areas to be subject to high wind and rain.

The result is that you may need to consider some of the above factors in order to make a decision about whether or not to insure your home on a policy.

In order to do that, you have to do a little math.

First, there is the risk factor.

This is the percentage of the cost of your policy that is attributable to the risk factors listed in the table above.

If the policy includes a deductible, the deductible is generally the amount that the insurance company has to pay out of its own pockets to cover your deductible.

If there is no deductible, then you’re covered.

This means that if you live a relatively rural lifestyle and don’t have a lot of exposure to the wind, rain, or snow, then your home might not be a high-risk policy to insure.

If, however, your home does have a deductible and your household income is higher than the policy’s annual deductible, you might be more inclined to insure a policy that’s high-cost.

The higher the deductible, of course, the higher the premium you pay for it.

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