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A drug user is not a drug addict, according to new guidelines from the Irish government.

The guidelines outline how drug use can be a form of self-harm and addiction and is part of an ongoing push by the Government to reduce the numbers of drug users in society.

The new guidelines came out after the country’s new anti-drug strategy was launched on Tuesday.

They came as the first new drug strategy in over three years was launched and were endorsed by the Irish National Drug Strategy (INDS).

They also came as an official drug policy update from the Government was released which outlined the Government’s new stance on drug use.

The policy, which will be in place for a year and a half, will see the government taking steps to reduce drug-related harm, including introducing mandatory treatment and drug education.

Drug use has been linked to more than a dozen homicides and suicide attempts in Ireland over the last five years.

The Irish Government’s drug strategy, which aims to end the “unwarranted stigma of drug use” by providing a more transparent and evidence-based approach to drug policy, comes after the Government unveiled the first comprehensive plan to address drug use in Ireland.

The government announced it would increase the availability of treatment for people with drug dependency.

In the policy, it says the introduction of treatment will lead to a reduction in the use of prescription painkillers and the development of safe and effective non-pharmaceutical alternatives.

The Government says it will work with the pharmaceutical industry to develop safe and reliable treatments for people struggling with their drug dependency and will also seek to provide a greater role for voluntary organisations and the voluntary sector in the development and rollout of new and innovative drugs.

In an interview on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke programme on Monday, Health Minister Leo Varadkar said there are currently about 25,000 people in treatment across the country, with the majority of them in the city and rural areas.

Mr Varadki said there has been a “crippling increase” in drug use since the last government’s strategy was announced in April 2016.

He said the Government is taking the steps necessary to reduce use, while also working to increase the number of drug-free homes and treatment centres.

“I think the Government has been successful in the fight against drugs, which is why we have an increased number of people getting treatment,” he said.

“But that fight is far from over.”

There are still people who will continue to use drugs.

And it will only be a matter of time before they are able to use them for the same reasons.

“Dr Patrick O’Shea, chairman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Drugs Advisory Committee, said the policy will not necessarily stop drug use, but it will help.”

It’s not just about reducing people’s use of drugs.

It’s about increasing the number and range of services available to those who need them,” he told RTÉ.”

The policy is not necessarily about reducing the number or frequency of drugs but it’s about giving people the option of taking them.

“In terms of reducing the harms, if you look at the research we’re doing, people who are taking drugs have a lower risk of death and disease and that has a huge impact on their quality of life.”

Mr O’Sullivan said he has been disappointed with the Government approach to drugs.

“We have an approach that is not the way we should be going about tackling drug use,” he added.

“Our approach is to stop people taking drugs, but then we’re not doing enough to support them in getting them off drugs.”

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