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The NFL has long had a “mechanics tool box” that allows fans to quickly find all the gear needed to play, analyze game film, and even make predictions about the next round of play.

This year, though, the league introduced a new set of tools that allow fans to find items from every NFL game from the start of the season to the end of the regular season.

The new tools, called the “NFL Stats Toolbox,” were released on Tuesday and come with a new tool for fans to use to quickly identify trends and trends in the game.

They also have a new section for fans who want to track their team’s win-loss record over time.

“There are some items that are not on the ‘mechanical tools’ list that have become iconic,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“In this year’s ‘mechanics tool’ we have added a section for people to track the teams win-lost record.

This allows fans and statisticians to track team performance over time in real time.

This will help us understand the best way to maximize our resources for player development.”

The new tools are part of a larger effort by the league to make it easier for fans and analysts to follow the game through the season.

Last year, the NFL announced it would add a section of its analytics tools, including a “Week in Game” tool that allows players to track game-related trends and statistics.

But in this year, a new feature is being introduced that allows analysts to track trends in team performance from the first week of the preseason through the end, with a detailed breakdown of the teams statistical performance.

The NFL Stats ToolBox will include stats from each game from preseason through regular season, with each game’s stats being broken down by a specific statistic.

Fans will be able to find a breakdown of each team’s game statistics in the “game breakdown” section of the toolbox.

The stats will also include a breakdown for the game’s “performance over time,” with data showing the amount of games played and the average time of a team’s wins and losses.

For example, the stats page of the “performance against” section will show how many times each team has faced a team that has lost at least 10 games, and the stats for each team on the season chart.

“The statistics tools are a step in the right direction to improve the efficiency of the analytics tool by letting fans and analytics analysts track their teams performances over time, and giving fans a deeper insight into the most important statistics and trends,” Goodell said.

The new NFL Stats toolbox will be available to fans starting at 7 p.m.

ET on Tuesday, and will be accessible via the NFL Stats app on all devices.

Fans can also search for each game on the “mechans” page, which will give them a quick overview of each game.

The team breakdowns page will give fans a look at how each team is performing over the course of the year, and it will also give fans an overview of the statistical statistics and stats that players on the team are putting up.

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