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The Globe and Ministries of the Catholic Church is trying out new ways to promote its digital ministry.

The app, called The Globe, was developed to bring its message to people outside the Vatican.

It allows people to subscribe to The Globe on mobile devices, then share news and information with others using their mobile phones.

“We believe that our audience is more engaged in our digital ministry because they are using our mobile apps and they are interacting with us,” said Kevin D. Pappalardo, the assistant archbishop for digital outreach.

“They are sharing their experiences with us, and they’re learning more about our ministry and our work.”

The app also allows Catholics to share the news with family and friends, as well as with other people in their communities.

“This is one of the most powerful tools we have,” said Franciscan Sisters in Action of Manitoba.

“We know that people who are interested in the news of the Church, people who love the Catholic faith, who are learning more, have a greater sense of belonging.”

The digital ministry has been in development since May, when the archdiocese decided to stop the use of a desktop app.

It is being used in the archbishop’s daily diocesan newsroom and on the Vatican website.

The app is the first of many initiatives the Vatican has undertaken to make the church more accessible to the world.

Last year, Pope Francis gave the first major international event of the papacy by opening the Vatican’s doors to the media.

That event drew the pope’s press corps and tens of thousands of journalists from around the world to the Holy See.

In the years since, the Vatican is also expanding its digital presence to include digital tools that allow people to access the pope, the Catholic-affiliated media and other resources.

In recent months, the archbishops’ press office has expanded its outreach efforts to include more than 200 television and radio stations in Latin America, Europe and Africa, and several hundred digital platforms.

Pappaloto said the new platform is being rolled out to the bishops’ mobile apps, which have been in use since May.

He said that while the archdeacons are using the app to reach their audiences, they are also using it to reach the general public.

“They are working closely with the mobile devices of our audiences, and we’re working closely together with them,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for us to share our ministry.”

In addition to sharing news and resources, the app also brings a personal touch to people who subscribe to it through the Catholic Media Network.

Users are prompted to enter their contact information and other personal information to access messages and social media content.

“The app will allow our followers to share their stories and their experience with us and with the pope,” said Francesco Scannellato, director of the Vatican Media Network, which is based in Rome.

“It will also be an opportunity to share with our followers their personal experiences and their faith and their hope for the future.”

The Globe is a free, ad-supported app for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

It can be downloaded for free from the Globe’s website, and can also be downloaded from the app store for Android, Windows and Mac.

The Globe and Ministry for the First Time is available on the Globe and Media Network app for iPhones, iPads and Android.

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