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Pro Tools first to introduce brake calipers article Pro-Tools announced Wednesday that it has released a software update that will make its Pro Tools pedals available with a new, more accurate calibration.

The software update is available for both the Pro Tools pedal and Pro Tools digital recording tools, and it will automatically calibrate pedals and playback controls, as well as other hardware and software features, starting with the first models of the products.

The Pro Tools Pro Tools Pedal, which will be available in March, has been available since October 2016.

The new software update, which is available now for both pedals and digital recording products, makes the pedals available to users who have Pro Tools 3, Pro Tools 7, and Pro Mix 2 licenses, and to those who have purchased the Pro Mix or Pro Mix Pro products.

Users who already own the Pro-Mix and Pro-Masters products will be able to upgrade to the new software package as soon as they purchase the new Pro Mix 3, which includes Pro Mix 4, Pro Mix 6, Pro-mix 8, Pro Pro Mix 12, Promix 14, and all of the ProMix Pro 12 Pro Mix 1 and ProMix 12 Promix 2 hardware, software, and other accessories.

The update will be released for all of Pro Tools’ software products in the near future.

The updates come after Pro Tools introduced new brake calimeters to its pedal products earlier this year, but it wasn’t until this week that the software manufacturer started making the new brakes available to the public.

The brake calimeters, which are designed to be accurate to within .5 millimeters, are a significant improvement over the ones that have been available in previous years.

Pro Tools said in a blog post that it is working on a new software upgrade that will include these new calimers and other new hardware features.

The announcement comes as Pro Tools continues to face increased competition from competitors such as Google’s own Google Play Music and Apple’s iWork suite of productivity apps.

“Our products are built for precision, and we want them to last,” said Tom Beekman, chief executive officer of ProTools, in a statement.

“We’ve worked tirelessly with our customers to get the most accurate and reliable brake calibration possible.

We’re excited to bring the Pro Temps brake calimeter update to the Pro Serum platform, and look forward to rolling out new features with Pro Serums.”

Pro Tools also announced a new Pro Serus line of digital audio recording products this week, and the company said the Pro Samples are a “proprietary audio interface” that is available as a “premium software package.”

The Pro Samps have been a staple in Pro Tools for some time, and they are expected to become a major component of Pro Seruions’ offerings.

The company also introduced a new version of its Pro Seruma software this week.

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