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Re-phrase tool is a tool that rewrites the internet to be more friendly and welcoming to everyone, with a focus on re-writing our own internet. 

Its a simple tool to make a website more friendly, easier to use, and more friendly to other people.

This is what the tool does.

It allows users to re-type any word in the URL bar and it does this with the help of a text box to tell you if the word is too long.

If you type the word you want to change, it will be re-written to fit the new words, and the change will appear on the page as if you had typed it.

It can be used for everything from finding new words to making it more friendly.

The tool is free, but you can use it for free to make websites that are more welcoming.

If this sounds like a simple thing to do, that’s because it is.

The rephrase website is free and does everything that a normal rephrase page does.

It allows you to: A) type in a URL and rephrase the word to fit your site, B) choose which words you want re-typed and re-worded and C) see which words are already being used, if any.

The website also shows which words will be used when the user types in a new URL.

Rephrase tool lets you see which keywords have been used and reworded by re- typing in the keywords, then selecting the re-phrase for the keyword, and then re-using that rephrase.

You can also re- type the keywords in a list, and see which ones have been re-wordsen, and what they mean.

The rephrase is completely automatic, so you don’t have to manually type in the words you need to change or reword.

If you use the tool for more than a few days, you can make it re-reword every time you want, with no need to re type anything again.

What makes it great?

The re-styling process is quick and simple.

If your website is not friendly or welcoming to people with disabilities, you probably wont have much of a problem re-forming the website.

You just need to type in some keywords and re type those keywords in.

The site will re-typify all the words it needs to, making the page less daunting and easier to read.

If someone has a disability, you might not want to have to retype the entire word list to fit their disability, so the rephrase will help you change the website for the people who have disabilities, and it will reword the site so it will fit them better.

Re-typing the website can be done in a few seconds, so even if you only use it occasionally, it should still be effective.

You can also choose to use re-sizing and retexting to make the website a more friendly place for people with a disability.

If re-types of your website are too large, re-texting will fill in any spaces you can.

If the rewording process takes too long, you may want to resize your site to make it more manageable.

Reusing the retext tool with Google also makes the retelling of a website faster and easier.

The tool works on the Chrome Web Store.

Google Rephrase is free for everyone.

There are no limits on the number of re- words you can type in.

It is a great tool for people who are using it for the first time.

A word that is already being typed in, but which you don´t want to retyping because it will only be used in a small part of your page, you just need the tool re-size and retype it.

You will need to enter the rewords you want and retypes to be re worded and re re- reword that.

Rephrase can be useful for making changes in your website that were already made, but don’t want to be made again.

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