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The NFL’s most popular game and most popular mobile app, the NFL Game Pass, has come to a close, with the company saying it will shut down on May 15.

The NFL has been forced to scramble to find a replacement, and it’s looking to make sure fans can still access their favorite games in a convenient, convenient way.

The new game will be called NFL GamePass 2.0, which will be available to owners starting in March.

That will also include a new app, which users can sign up for to access all their favorite football events, from NFL live games to live events.

The league’s newest game, NFL Live, will also be available.

“It’s a great time to get back into the NFL ecosystem,” NFL vice president of digital marketing and partnerships Tom Schifrin said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to be working with our partners at NFL, to bring the NFL to life on mobile, and continue to support the fans who make the NFL such a great experience.”

The NFL said the new game and app will be free, and players will have the option to buy games through their wallets.

“The NFL Gamepass 2.00 and NFL Live will be accessible to the NFL players and teams that have pre-ordered, and we expect to begin offering the NFL Live game in the near future,” the NFL said in its statement.

There are no details about when exactly the game and its app will arrive, and there’s no word on when NFL games will stop being available.

The game passed the 1 billion-users milestone in July and has more than 1 billion users on mobile devices.

The company has been under fire for its handling of NFL player protests.

The players have been protesting during the national anthem, with some protesting outside stadiums and others protesting in the locker rooms.

NFL games are currently on sale in the United States for just $9.99 a month, a significant price drop compared to the $19.99 that the game costs in Canada.

The NHL announced last week it would also end its season after 20 games.

NFL owners will be able to purchase their games on the new app.

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