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Google’s Privacy Policy is widely viewed as a cornerstone of its privacy policies and practices, but there are also concerns that it could make it easier for the company to target advertising, according to an audit released by an Australian law firm.

The audit, which is part of the government’s ongoing review of the company’s privacy practices, found that the policy is overly broad and doesn’t adequately protect Australian privacy.

“Google’s privacy policy is a critical part of our privacy and digital economy,” said Ian Turnbull, the audit’s co-author.

“It must be clear and unambiguous about what information it collects about users and what they can do about it.”

Mr Turnbull said that if Google’s policy is not clear, users could not be sure whether their information was being used in a way that complied with the policy.

“The privacy policy should be unambiguous, should be clear about what it’s about, and that should include what types of information can be disclosed and how,” he said.

‘We’re not doing this to scare people’ Google has repeatedly argued that it does not target advertising based on race, religion or gender. “

They should be able to understand what that means, what it does and what it can be done about it and that it is an essential part of Australia’s digital economy.”

‘We’re not doing this to scare people’ Google has repeatedly argued that it does not target advertising based on race, religion or gender.

“We don’t target advertising for people based on any of those characteristics,” a Google spokesperson told the ABC.

“For example, we do not target individuals based on gender, age, location or other factors.”

Mr Trudeau said that the company had recently revised its privacy policy, which was updated in 2018.

“Our updated privacy policy now states that we do target advertisements based on age, gender, location and ethnicity, among other factors,” he added.

“While we have a privacy policy that we put in place in 2018, we don’t intend to target individuals with these characteristics in the future.”

The audit also found that Google’s terms and conditions do not clearly outline the privacy practices of third-party companies, such as social media companies, that use its services.

Google also failed to provide clear and concise information about the company data protection policy.

The Privacy Act allows a company to make privacy policy statements that set out the privacy rights of its users.

“This is not the case with Google’s data policy,” Mr Turnbull added.

Google’s search advertising has become an increasingly hot topic in Australia, particularly among the younger generation.

In October, it was revealed that more than 100 Australians had signed an online petition to have the Federal Government make search ads more transparent, which included a request for a “Google ban” on all search ads.

Google, along with Facebook, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft, has been accused of profiting from advertising by targeting young people with advertisements that target people with specific search terms.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Australian Financial Press the company “does not and has never targeted people based solely on their interests, race, ethnicity or religion”.

Facebook also said that it had implemented several changes to the way it operates its ad network, including requiring the advertising partners to disclose their terms of service and the terms of use for each ad.

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