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By The Associated Press Written Friday, January 29, 2019 12:20:59After years of work, the Milwaukee Police Department is finally releasing its first tool set for cleaning up the city’s streets.

Included are the following tools:Awning cleaners to remove loose paint from door handles and other surfaces.

An iron and mortar grinder to break down debris and debris-covered pipes.

An electric drill to grind out broken glass.

A plastic mop to clean windows, doors and windowsill.

An aluminum saw to cut wood, glass and metal with a hammer.

The new tools, which the department says will help residents clean up their neighborhoods, are part of a broader effort to modernize and modernize Milwaukee.

The police department said it expects to release its new tools and accessories for free to the public by late spring.

The tool sets include a set of hand tools for removing debris, which is already on hand in parts of the city.

It also includes a new tool called the tool sober that is meant to help officers identify potential victims of crime, such as burglars.

The department also plans to release a set called the mop, a plastic tool that can be used to clean broken glass and paint, as well as debris on the floor.

Milwaukee police Chief David A. Clarke Jr. said he expects to use the mops in many parts of Milwaukee.

The city’s budget is expected to be cut by about $2.3 million by 2020, a $4.5 million reduction from the year before, according to the city auditor.

Alderman John Arena said the city needs to keep the police department up and running to deal with the cost cuts.

He called it a shame the city will have to lay off hundreds of officers.

I don’t think they should have to be laying off hundreds.

But I think we need to keep our city running.

Milwaukee Police Chief David Clarke Jr., right, with a new hand tool called an iron and sand, at the department’s new headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in January.

(Photo: Mark Hoffman, AP)The city has also started working on a tool that will replace the older mop and is expected out this summer.

Milosaid the new tools will help the department get out of the way of crime and restore order to neighborhoods, but Arena said it also will help with the work of public safety and public safety response.

Milan police have already been using the moped tool in areas where there is an increased police presence, such in neighborhoods of the African-American community and other areas where violence is high.

Milans police chief said the department will be using the tools in areas with increased police activity.

The mop will be an important part of the departments crime fighting efforts, Arena said.

Milkwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the new tool sets are a major step in keeping the city safe.

It is important for the public to have the tools that are necessary to clean up crime and reduce crime in our city, said Barrett.

The mayor said Milwaukee police are not just about the toolset, but also about the people they are working with.

There are so many different people that are doing it that it is really about working together.

Milwaukees police department was formed in 1997.

Its first job was cleaning up after riots in the 1970s that erupted after a white police officer shot and killed Rodney King.

Milians have also been involved in the battle against the spread of hepatitis C and other diseases, but the city has made significant strides in recent years.

In November, it surpassed 500,000 cases of hepatitis A, which kills about half of the population.

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