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Milwaukee, WI (November 14, 2017)—On a sunny spring day, you could find the first person to actually wear a leatherman at a major shoe retailer in a big city.

And if you live in the suburbs, you’ll have your own leatherman soon, but not until you can rent one at a local garage sale.

 This weekend, Milwaukee Boots and Co., the world’s largest shoe retailer, pulled off the world-first in-person rental of a leather tool set that lets you use it for the first time.

The tools are being offered at the retail shop for a mere $10,000.

They come with everything you need to use them, including a small knife, screwdriver, and screwdriver attachment, and an assortment of tools and accessories.

They can also be used for other tasks like cleaning up a car or cleaning your car. 

A Leatherman Tool Set is the first tool set available to customers.

“The idea for the tool set was to offer an affordable, everyday tool for the average consumer that they could use,” said Matt Miller, president of the Milwaukee-based company.

“This tool set is for those who need the tool, but want to be able to use it as quickly and safely as possible.

This will help customers save money on everyday tools.”

The leatherman is the perfect tool for those looking for the convenience of a daily task, but aren’t ready to get into the serious business of leatherworking.

While there’s not much to it, the leatherman gives you a way to do some of the everyday things you might not want to do like putting on a shirt and tie.

You can put on a pair of socks and put on an outfit in no time, but you might need a pair that are long enough to cover a whole day.

A Leather Man Tool Set will also allow you to wear gloves and use your phone, even while you’re out and about.

If you’ve ever wanted to do a bit of leathercrafting with a knife, you can now do that with the leather man tool set. 

The tools were purchased by the Milwaukee Public Library, the Milwaukee History Museum, the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the Wisconsin Arts Council.

We’re in the process of buying more, so check back to see when the first batch is available and which ones are available in your area.

(Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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