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A group of scientists has released new research on the safety of nail polish, nail-polish products and nail-sandpaper products.

The researchers found that nail polish contains a range of chemicals that are considered to be toxic and are known to be carcinogenic to humans.

The chemicals are found in nail polish as well as sandpaper and in water-based products, which includes cosmetics, body wash, and hair products. 

The researchers say that a nail polish coat and the nail-lint used to polish the nail can carry chemical contaminants, which may cause serious health problems.

They also say that many nail polishes and polish brushes contain high levels of dioxin, a known carcinogen, which can cause cancer. 

Researchers say that there are more than a hundred chemicals used in nail polish and polish products.

While the chemicals are harmless, the chemicals may be present in a toxic form in the environment, which in turn can be hazardous to human health.

“Many nail polishers and products contain a mixture of metals, chemicals, and chemicals that have not been adequately studied, and that is a concern for the public health,” said Jennifer M. Coughlin, a chemist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. 

“Nail polish is often made from materials that are hazardous to health.

When you combine these chemicals with the amount of contaminants in water, you end up with chemicals that can cause serious problems for people with these conditions,” she said. 

According to the researchers, the levels of chemicals found in a product are not consistent.

“Our findings highlight the need to continue monitoring for contaminants in nail care products,” said the researchers. 

Coughlin said that the chemicals found include dioxins, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and ethylbenzene.

“We know that these chemicals are highly toxic to humans,” she added. 

Nail care products are used to clean the nails, but many nail care and nail care supplies are contaminated with other chemicals, including phthalates and benzene. 

To help inform consumers about the dangers of nail care, Coughlan said the group of researchers is calling for a ban on nail polish containing more than 10 parts per million of the chemical.

“There is no doubt that nail care can be harmful to your health,” she told ABC News.

“You should always use nail care product with care and caution.” 

The study was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

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