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Maksit is the name of a tiny, dark, dark device that fits inside a backpack, with a remote-controlled, motion-sensing camera that can scan the inside of your backpack for signs of intrusion.

A user can set it to take pictures of a backpack with a single button, or it can automatically scan the contents of your bag at random intervals to alert you when someone has touched it.

But in an increasingly digital world, Bili is becoming the de-facto Internet-monitorning tool, with hundreds of thousands of people using it to scan their homes, offices and even their cars.

Bili has become so ubiquitous that people use it to check their homes for unauthorized devices, including locksmiths, burglars, drug dealers and anyone else who may have broken into their home.

And for a little more than a year, Bilemi, the company behind the Makito tool, has had its own version of a global security alert system.

The Bili tool, known as Bili, has grown so popular that it now makes up more than half of the $10 billion that companies and governments around the world spend on cyber-security each year, according to research by cyber-threat expert Brian Krebs.

But it’s not just for the people who need it.

In May, Bilais software, known in English as Bilei, became a top item on the most popular websites of the world.

Bileis technology, called Bili-D, has been adopted by governments around as well as by companies.

In the Philippines, the country with the largest number of smartphones, the government is using Bileid to track the locations of people who are using phones in their homes.

In Brazil, a government-funded project uses Bileido to detect “hacking groups” that have infiltrated companies.

“It’s not only for the big companies.

You have to look at the smaller companies that have less resources to buy expensive systems,” said Bileida CEO and founder Jeroen Bileim.

“They can buy Bili as an entry-level security tool, and they can buy a larger system for a much lower price.”

Bileih, Biles’ technology, has become increasingly popular among government agencies and businesses, with Bileii systems now making up at least a third of all the government systems in the United States.

Bilaies technology, known under the name BiliShield, has also been used to detect the spread of ransomware, the kind that threatens to encrypt entire files.

In recent years, Bilis’ popularity has expanded as more governments have started to adopt the technology, and as the technology has become more widespread.

The popularity of Bili in the Philippines has grown from just over 300,000 users in 2012 to more than 2.5 million users in 2016, according the Bili company.

The Philippines has more than 700,000 active smartphone users, and Bili says it has seen a 10-fold increase in the number of phones that are running Bili since 2013.

“The Philippines is one of the top countries for Bili usage,” said Daniel Espinosa, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank.

Espinos group is also tracking the popularity of other security technologies, such as the Blackphone, which was founded by a young entrepreneur in South Africa and has been widely adopted in many countries.

Blackphone is one example of a technology that has become a common security tool for governments.

But Bili doesn’t have the same popularity.

Espinos research shows that while it is the second most popular tool in the world, it is not the most widely adopted.

Biles popularity has grown in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and South Korea.

In those countries, the popularity has been more than twice as large as it is in the US, according Espinoses research.

While the Philippines is in second place, it has about 1.6 million active users, compared to the US’s nearly 15 million.

Espins group estimates that more than 95% of the Bileili users are smartphone users.

“If you compare the popularity with other products, it’s much smaller, which is why it is a much better tool for monitoring a home,” Espinosis said.

But as the popularity grew, the Biles technology has been overshadowed by other security systems.

The latest version of the BlackPhone was only released in December, after being released a year ago.

Espino’s group says Bili isn’t only popular because of its simplicity.

It is also a powerful tool for identifying potential vulnerabilities, especially in areas like the Internet of Things, which has grown into a billion-dollar industry in recent years.

“In this field, there are lots of tools and they

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