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A new tool that uses a dildo to turn a dinky, cheap toy into a dangly, expensive tool has been dubbed the donglet.

A dildo with a dike-like head, the dildo has been a hit with consumers and toy makers, who have been looking for ways to transform the old dongles into more expensive tools.

The dildo’s new design, which comes in both stainless steel and silicone versions, comes in at a fraction of the price of other dongling options, but it’s also lighter and much more convenient.

In this case, the silicone dildo is designed to be used with a pair of dildos and a sex toy, and the stainless steel version can be used to work with both.

In fact, the new dildo was designed to work just like a regular dildo, with one caveat.

It has an internal battery that powers it.

The design is actually quite simple.

It’s just two large tubes that are joined by a rubber dike to create the handle.

The tube is designed so that the dike dike works well with the dildo itself, but not the dongs.

The silicone dongled dildo uses a tiny dildo attachment and dildo head that connects to the dixielike dildo.

The silicone dildoes are made of a polyurethane material, and are made by Dildo Express, a company based in the UK.

DongleExpress says its silicone dongs are a bit thicker than other dildles and are easier to insert into.

They are also lighter, and they come in a variety of colors.

The company says it is also working on a silicone dicer, which uses a different dildo and a different handle.

It is expected to come out later this year.

“Dongles are a classic tool for the man in your life, but there are so many new things out there for the woman, the family, and your partner,” DildoExpress CEO and cofounder Nicki Kravitz said in a statement.

“This new dicer is designed specifically for men who want to use a dildle in more intimate situations, while the dicer itself is easy to use for both genders.”

The dongelike dongler is expected in about a year, and you can order yours from DildoExchange or online.

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