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Garden Tool Supply, the Milwaukee-based retailer of tools for gardeners, is selling more than 70% of its inventory in less than six weeks.

The company posted its first quarterly sales figures on Monday, showing sales of nearly $5 million in the first two months of 2017.

The numbers are the largest in three years and are in line with previous quarters as well.

“We had been selling tools for six years, and in the last six months we’ve done a phenomenal job of building a brand around the Milwaukee tool community,” said Dan R. Gittings, president of Garden Tool.

Gittings said he and his company’s team of salespeople had been working on a new product to compete with the increasing popularity of the Garden Tools website and social media platforms.

He said the company was selling the tools primarily through the website, which has more than 4 million daily visitors and has grown to more than 1.5 million.

The online store has expanded to sell all types of tools, from garden tools and compost to cutting boards and fencing.

“This is a brand that people are willing to pay for,” he said.

The sale of the products is part of the company’s plan to make its business more sustainable, he said, and it also reflects the fact that the company has grown significantly.

In 2015, the company sold more than 2,000 tools and supplies to customers across the country, and the total value of its business reached $25 million.

Gitty, the local Milwaukee neighborhood, has become a hub for the local tool trade, with shops selling to the likes of Gittins, the president of the Milwaukee Tools Group.

“I think this has been a real success,” Gitties said.

Gitty’s Garden Tools store sells the popular “Dirtiest” garden tools, including cutting boards, shims and trimmers, among others.

It also sells a range of other tools for landscape and landscape gardening, from fence trims and boards to garden tools for landscaping and landscaping supplies.

The company’s Garden Tool Store in Milwaukee opened last year.

It is a collaboration between Gitts and David Babb, a partner at Babb & Associates.

The two men have been involved in the industry for years.

“Milwaukee is a great market to sell our tools,” Gitty said.

“The Garden Tools site has been so well received that it’s easy for us to do the same.”

Ruth Fuchs, a spokeswoman for Garden Tool, said the sale of tools in the Milwaukee market has been well received.

“We’re thrilled to see so many people come into our store and have a great experience,” she said.

“The value that Garden Tool offers to gardeners and gardeners’ needs is really what really drives us,” Ruggles said.

Babb said the online market has grown tremendously in the past two years, reaching 1.4 million daily users in the U.S. in 2017, up from less than 400,000 a year ago.

The store has also grown to nearly 2 million online customers in the second quarter, he added.

“Milwaukee was the first market to truly take off in the online gardening market, and we’re thrilled that it continues to grow,” Babb said.

In addition to selling its products through the Garden and garden tool stores, Garden Tool also sells its own gardening products, including tools for planting seedlings, cutting up plants, and growing tomatoes.

The website also has a growing selection of gardening supplies.

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